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Semi-Personal Training
100% Online training 

Not sure if you're ready to jump into a customized workout plan?
Like doing things on your own but just need some guidance?

Not ready for me to be in your face 24/7?? 

No problem! See what we are all about with one of our Membership Packages below.

You can find a breakdown of the differences between custom training & nutrition vs the memberships HERE

*By submitting your Membership payment you are agreeing to MYfitness' Terms of Service






Recurring Payment






Recurring Payment


How it works

  1.   PICK YOUR POISON - Select which package you'd like to purchase - Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

  2.   TELL ME ABOUT YOU - You will fill out a questionnaire that asks you about your current fitness level, nutrition, daily habits, future fitness goals, and more.

  3.   RECEIVE YOUR PROGRAM - Based on your questionnaire response, you will be evaluated by me and sent a semi-personal training program each month. The workouts will change month to month, and will be automatically sent to you along with information/videos on how to perform the movements, how to log your workouts, how to utilize flexible dieting, and how to check in with me every other week (daily check in's available).

  4.   GET THE GOODS - You will also be given​ the following:

  • Personalized macros

  • A nutrition form for you to log your daily macros

  • A membership login for access to the private member pages​​

  • Access to the private FB group

Included in ALL the Membership Packages:​

  • Unlimited Access to Member Pages - Nutrition Guides, Training Videos, Sample Meal Plans, Mental Health activities, and more!

  • Unlimited Access to Maria 24/7

  • Semi-Personalized Training Program for 3 Days/Week

  • Personalized Macros - Adjusted bi-weekly or as needed

  • Daily & Bi-Weekly Check-In's

  • Support Team

  • Access to Private FaceBook Group; recipes, weekly videos, etc.

  • Training Log

  • Nutrition Log

  • Videos/Explanations of Exercises

  • Mobility Work/Stretches

  • 100% Online - Program in excel; can fit your workouts in on YOUR time!


  Real Client  

  Check In's  

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