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—  James

Training & Nutrition Client


"I did a 14 week program of training and nutrition with Maria. I can honestly say that this program is no joke. If you stay with it, I promise you will see gains/changes. No matter how hard things may get, stick with it! With all new endeavors, you will experience great joy and hardships, but in the end everything is totally worth it. I say this because you are able to gain incredible knowledge about the gym, the kitchen, and yourself for life because of what Maria has taught you. You can take all the information she tells you through emails/videos and apply it even after the program stops. I learned so much about myself; thoughts, actions, emotions all played roles while doing this program. My mental blocks slowly disappeared Maria's constant positive reinforcement, her consistency, and her amazing way of critiquing/perfecting form. I highly suggest Maria's program to anyone who wants to lose fat, get lean, build muscle, build endurance, build strength, build a strong mind, build discipline, and/or build an overall sense of accomplishment. Maria, thank you for everything you have done for me. I can promise you that I will be getting another individualized program AGAIN in the near future. This has become a life style for me."

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