Membership vs 1-on-1 Training & Nutrition

Wait... What's the difference?

Because the Membership is a much more affordable option, it is not quite as detailed as the 1-on-1 training and nutrition option.  The Membership is a great idea if you just want to get your toes wet into what we have to offer, have trained with MYfitness before, or don't require as much accountability!


Below is a side by side comparison in order for you to have an idea of what is included in each.


Unlimited Access to Member Pages

Personalized Macros

Optional Daily Check Ins

'How to Utilize / Track Macros' Guide

Macro Cheat Sheet

General Sample Meal Plan

Eating Out Guide

Custom Sample Meal Plan (upon request)

Check In's

   - Weekly

   - Every Other Week

Access to private FB Group


Training Program​

   -100% Personalized based on many factors

   -Semi-Personalized based on  Questionnaire

   - 3-5 days per week

   - 3 days per week

Nutrition Log

   - Personalized

   - General

"Form Check" done with each training day

to ensure proper form and receive feedback

Cardio Protocols / Adjustments


Program Sent using Excel

Videos / Explanations of Exercises in your program

Mobility Work / Stretches

   - General

   - Custom based upon programming, injuries, limitations, goals, etc.

100% Online

Limited In-Person Sessions Option Available