Fitness   Challenge

MARCH 10th - MAY 5th


An 8-week challenge that will teach you about utilizing macros, proper movements in the gym, and help you make a start at long-term sustainable changes.  Challengers will have access to private member pages, private FB group, and unlimited access to me - the same benefits of all subscriptions!  Think of it as a mini "boot-camp" of training with me - you will get personalized macros (carbs, fat, protein) as well as a semi-personalized program to utilize at the gym for three days per week.  My goal for you is to learn how to create a healthy lifestyle and continue on after the challenge is over. 

How it works:

  1. TELL ME ABOUT YOU - You will be sent a questionnaire that asks you about your current fitness level, nutrition, daily habits, future fitness goals, and more. 

  2. RECEIVE YOUR PROGRAM - Based on your questionnaire response, you will be evaluated by me and sent a semi-personal training program for the 8 weeks.  You'll get information/videos on how to perform the movements, how to log your workouts, how to utilize flexible dieting, and how to check in with me every other week and/or day. 

  3. GET THE GOODS - You will also get the following:

  • Personalized macros

  • A nutrition form for you to log your daily macros

  • A membership login for access to the private member pages​​

  • Access to our private FB group






  • Semi-Personalized Workouts for 3 days/week

  • Mobility work

  • Stretches/at home exercises

  • "How to" videos

  • Unlimited access to me via email

  • Cardio protocols (if applicable)

  • Accountability

  • Bi-Weekly Check-in's

  • Convenience of working out on your own schedule

  • Weekly Training Log


  • "How To" Utilize Macros

  • Best way to track Macros

  • Macro Cheat Sheet

  • Sample Meal Plan Guide

  • Eating in moderation

  • Customized Macros

  • Weekly Check-in's

  • Guide to Eating Out

  • Unlimited access to me via email

  • Weekly Nutrition Log


  • Access to the private FaceBook group - recipes, support, motivation, prizes, and more!

  • Access to private member login - your own account for members only

  • Step-by-step guidance and support


Entry fee is $149     $124     for the first 15 sign ups! (must be paid in full) - Click  HERE to register now!


  • Chosen based upon regular weekly check ins, adherence to macros and training protocols, before and after photos, total weight lost, and form check videos sent.

  • Winner receives the first copy of my "20 Macro-Friendly Desserts" CookBook before it launches!



  • Once your entry fee has been submitted, it's final and non-refundable regardless of your completion of the challenge

  • You must submit your questionnaire that will be sent via email after your payment is made. This is how I will program for you, so it's important!


March 8th - Registration Closes

March 9th - Instructions, programs, and macros are all SENT

March 10th - Challenge BEGINS!

May 5th - FINAL check in

May 6th - Winners announced

Questions? Email me here if you do!